Wanna get coffee with me? Like, on Zoom, at least?

Now you can! I would be absolutely delighted to meet you. We can talk about music, cats, Netflix, memes, guitars, coffee. I guess we could talk about work and opportunities and stuff too. But f'real, even if you're just like, "That guy seems fun and confident and interesting, I want to see if his real life personality is as charismatic as his written personality," first off yes it is — he is I and I am him, slim with the tilted brim — and now's your chance to meet me and let me brighten up your day a little. What've you got to lose? Hit that sweet scheduling thing above and before you know it you'll be looking at my award winning face.

I also work remotely and have home bases on both the east coast and the west coast. I'm in Europe often, too (I know 5 languages — isn't that wild?). So if you want to get real life coffee face-to-face, depending on where you are, that just might be possible. Shout out to Pfizer 🙌🏻

So hit me up! I'm always down to say hi. Look, it even says it on my shirt!

email: brennan.mcnally@gmail.com

text memes to: 949.705.7980

click here for my resume